OptDGL: Optimal Deep Graph Learning


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Graph neural networks (GNNs for short) represent an important and emerging family of deep graph learning models. Despite tremendous progress being made, a theoretical foundation of optimal deep graph learning is still missing, a gap that this project aims to fulfill. This project examines the fundamental role of the input data, including graph topology, attributes and optional labels, in graph neural networks. There are three research thrusts in this project. The first thrust seeks to understand how sensitive the GNNs model is with respect to the input graph; how to quantify the uncertainty of the GNNs model; and how that impacts the generalization performance of the GNNs model. The second thrust develops algorithms to optimize the initially provided graph so as to maximally boost the generalization performance of the given GNNs model. The third thrust develops active learning methods based on deep reinforcement learning with entropy regularization to optimally obtain the additional labels to further improve the GNNs model.

Contact: Hanghang Tong

Research Team